Benjamin and The Lighthouse


Benjamin, a curious 10-year-old living alone in a lighthouse, teams up with Ava to unravel the secrets of his home and find the truth about his parent’s disappearance, as they set off on a journey together across the ocean, learning about the power of friendship, perseverance, and the limitless possibilities of science.


An isolated lighthouse, powered solely by the energy of wind, water, and sun, stands on a rock in the middle of the ocean. It is home to a 10-year-old boy named Benjamin, who has been living there alone since his parents disappeared a year ago. Despite his young age, Benjamin is a science prodigy, who has used his knowledge and resourcefulness to keep the lighthouse running and make it his own. He has made friends with the local seagulls and seals, who keep him company. But when a terrible storm hits the lighthouse, Benjamin’s life takes an unexpected turn.

A teenage girl named Ava crash-lands her plane at the lighthouse during the storm. She is searching for her mother who was lost at sea. Benjamin, using his scientific knowledge, repairs Ava’s plane using the lighthouse’s resources, sacrificing the lighthouse’s energy source. He joins Ava on her quest to find her mother, as well as uncover the truth about his own parents’ disappearance. The two set out on a journey, facing many challenges and obstacles, but with the help of each other and a group of kind strangers they meet along the way, they discover the secrets of the lighthouse, the truth about their loved ones, and the power of friendship and determination.


Friendship and companionship: The relationship between Benjamin and Ava, as well as the friendships they form along the way, could be a central theme in the movie.

Overcoming loss and grief: The loss of Benjamin’s parents and Ava’s mother, and their journey to find out the truth about their disappearance could be a prominent theme in the movie.

The power of determination and perseverance: Despite the many challenges and obstacles they face, Benjamin and Ava’s determination to uncover the truth and find their loved ones could be a key theme in the movie.

The importance of home and belonging: The lighthouse serves as a home for Benjamin and the quest for home and belonging could be a central theme for the movie.

The power of memories and nostalgia: The memories of Benjamin’s parents and Ava’s mother and the longing for them could be an important theme throughout the movie.

The importance of science and innovation: Benjamin’s scientific knowledge and resourcefulness could be a central theme in the movie as he helps repair Ava’s plane and sustain the lighthouse.