Benjamin and The Lighthouse by Enrique Caldera



Animation – adventure (age range 8-13)

Format: Mini series / Feature film



A ten-year-old boy genius has been living alone in a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean for over a year waiting for his parents to return when a young girl on a mission to find her lost mother crashes her plane nearby. They create an unbreakable bond rebuilding the plane and ultimately he must decide to either stay in the lighthouse or leave.





Benjamin and his parents moved to an abandoned lighthouse when he was a child in order to study the science of waves and figure out how to turn it into usable energy. One day, Ben’s mother had a tragic accident during a terrible storm and his father had no choice but to take her to land to find a hospital. Fearing the trip in open water would be dangerous, Ben’s father leaves him in the lighthouse alone. Ben, now ten years old, has been able to survive on his own for over a year and a half and continues to wait for his parents to return. One night, a young girl traveling across the ocean on a small plane in search for her lost mother is caught in a storm and crashes her plane by the lighthouse. Benjamin rushes to the scene and saves the young girl. At first it seemed to Leti that she would be stuck on the island forever but Benjamin decides to reconstruct the plane using energy from the sea and the wind to fly the plane. The two become close friends and it becomes Leti’s great challenge to convince Ben that he should forget the idea of his parents coming back and leave with her. 



Benjamin - Benjamin is the main character of the story. His defining characteristic is his positive, cheerful attitude. He is also a science genius. His knowledge of science and mathematics gives him the power to bring to life anything he can imagine. He has learned all of this from both of his parents who are scientists studying wave and wind patterns and how to turn it into renewable energy. His central drawback is his fear of letting go. This fear becomes the main conflict towards the end of the story as he has to make a tough decision that could sacrifice his family’s years of research. 

Leti Earheart – Leti is an energetic adventurer, a determined, independent young girl able to knock down any obstacle that stands between her and her goals. She is a fighter who can do anything on her own, which makes it difficult for her to depend on the mind of Benjamin in order to continue on her journey to find her lost mother. Her biggest drawback, which is also her strength, is her tendency to act without thinking and without much planning.