The Sloth and Big Green Eyes


Enter a world where imagination, patience, and friendship thrive. “The Sloth and Big Green Eyes” tells the story of Leyla, a happy sloth who moves slowly and appreciates the beauty of nature. When she encounters a scared caterpillar, a grumpy chameleon, and a fast little creature with big green eyes, Leyla befriends each of them and learns to value their unique qualities. When her grapes are stolen, Leyla sets out on a courageous adventure, following the footprints until she finds the little creature, whom she names Big Green Eyes. The power of nature is showcased as they sit together under the purple moonlight, Leyla sings a sweet lullaby about the wonders of the world. With themes of patience, imagination, and friendship woven throughout, this heartwarming children’s book inspires readers to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.


  1. Slowness and appreciation for the details: The sloth Leyla moves slowly and enjoys observing the world around her. She finds joy in discovering new things and taking the time to appreciate the details that other animals may overlook.
  2. Friendship: Leyla makes new friends with a scared little caterpillar who turns into a colorful butterfly, a chameleon named Colors, and a fast little creature with big green eyes. Despite their differences, Leyla learns to appreciate and value their unique qualities.
  3. Courage: Leyla is brave and persistent in her search for the little creature that took away her grapes. She follows the footprints for many hours until she finally finds the creature and makes friends with it.
  4. Nature: The book is set in a jungle and features various animals and elements of nature such as trees, rivers, and the moon. The story also highlights the interconnectedness of different species and the importance of preserving nature.
  5. Imagination: Leyla imagines what the world looks like through the big green eyes of her new friend and sings a sweet lullaby about the wonders of the world under the stars. This encourages children to use their imaginations and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.


  1. Leyla – A happy and patient sloth who loves to observe the world around her. Leyla’s patience and appreciation for the little things in life is a central theme of the story.
  2. Marleen – A scared little caterpillar who turns into a colorful butterfly. Marleen’s transformation represents the beauty of change and growth.
  3. Colors – A grumpy chameleon who changes colors depending on his mood. Colors’ grumpiness and desire for a new stick adds a touch of humor to the story.
  4. Big Green Eyes – A fast little creature with big green eyes who steals Leyla’s grapes. Big Green Eyes’ appearance and quick movements introduce an element of mystery to the story.

Animated Series

An animated series based on “The Sloth and Big Green Eyes” has the potential to be a powerful tool for educating and entertaining young audiences. The colorful and imaginative world of the book lends itself perfectly to animation, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the story and its characters. Through each episode, children can learn important life lessons about patience, friendship, courage, and imagination in a fun and engaging way. The series can also provide parents and teachers with a valuable resource for teaching children about the importance of appreciating nature and accepting others’ differences. Overall, an animated series based on this heartwarming book has endless potential to inspire and educate young minds.

With the growing trend of short animations under 10 minutes will allow the series to have multiple outlets.


“The Sloth and Big Green Eyes” is a delightful children’s book that offers a range of merchandising opportunities for online and in-store sales. Plush toys of Leyla and her friends, t-shirts with cute designs and quotes from the book, and backpacks and lunch boxes featuring the jungle-inspired artwork could be great options for physical stores. Additionally, online retailers could offer a wide variety of merchandise including digital downloads of the book, art prints, phone cases, and stickers, all featuring the lovable characters from the story. The book’s themes of patience, imagination, and friendship can also be incorporated into fun and educational activity books, such as coloring books and puzzles, that can be sold both online and in stores. With its vibrant and engaging characters and uplifting message, “The Sloth and Big Green Eyes” is a great opportunity for retailers to provide young readers with merchandise that is both entertaining and educational.