10 Tips for Better Product Videos

There are many efficient ways to make a product video

While creating one, you want to do more than selling – you want to convince who is watching that they want, and sometimes even need, the product you’re offering. We do this for all our clients and you can check out this link for more information on our video production services for e-commerce sellers.

Here are ten tips to improve your product videos:

#1: Target your audience.

Keep in mind who will watch your video and more specifically, who you want to keep watching.

The message has to be clear, so you have to deliver it in a way that your audience understands it better. Show them what your product can offer and why is it worth their attention. From using appealing colors to informative narration, focus on who will watch and choose what will work.

#2: Keep it simple but effective.

Ideally, a product video should not be longer than three minutes but try to keep it to one minute.

Make sure to deliver your message in a concise way. The audience doesn’t need a research – talk about your product like you would if you were standing in the store selling it. A product video is the online version of going to the store and studying it in your hands.

#3: Connect.

To stand out from all the rest, your video should, first and foremost, connect with the audience. If you tell a story, don’t be afraid to make it personal.

Let the audience relate to what you’re saying. Show them what the product does, how to use it, why to use it. Make them want to know it better. Pick talent that resembles your target audience.

#4: Set the tone.

Do you want the video to be serious? Lively, maybe? You can translate these tones into the language you use, the lighting, the colors and the set you use in your video.

Decide what tone fits better for what you’re selling and who you are selling to, and use your creativity to make the most of it.

#5: Quality:

Product videos are short, so nothing goes unnoticed.

Make sure your production is not only well planned but also well developed, from the cameras you use to how you caption the video. The better you show the product, the more attractive it will look to the audience.

Remember information is important, but you’re trying to sell it. Don’t forget to highlight the product’s design, the usage, the benefits, and the best things about it.

#6 Clear Audio:

Whether you’re going for voice over, sound effects or dialogues, the audio has to be heard clearly. No one pays attention to something they can’t really make out what it is, and losing the audience’s interest is something you don’t want.

Make sure to choose the best type of microphones to caption the audio in the way that works best for what you’re planning to do.

#7 Music:

One thing that can make your video stand out is the music you use for it. Again, tone is important, and rhythm sometimes makes the tone on its own.

Among various options, from free background music to actually hiring a composer to write an original piece, you can choose from different genres what fits your video better. For a kid’s product, a cheery song that kids can sing along is great. For a sports product, maybe a quick paced rock that builds up and hypes you up while you’re watching.

It gives your video an originality that makes people remember it and talk about it.

#8 Show Off Happy Customers:

There is nothing more reliable than actual people talking about their own positive experiences. Tell the audience your product is good and actually works by showing them how other people have used it and approved of it.

Either through interviews or ratings, the audience will connect to other people’s experiences and trust in your product’s quality.


#9 Use words:

Description, subtitles, captions – without overusing it, you can add everything.

Make the audience engage, read about your product, read the product’s name. Use these tools to inform them, to let them know how to use it, why they want it, why they need it. Tell them what your product can do.


#10: Call to action.

Finally: one of the most important parts

Your audience needs to have somewhere to go after the video. Offer them a site, a phone number, or even a brand’s name. Show them where to look for your product, when it will be available, where they can get more information, where to buy it. Make sure they interact with it somehow.


There you go!

I hope you make good use of these tips and end up with a high quality product video! Good luck and don’t forget to check our other posts.

And if all this sounds like a lot of work we would be more than happy to make your product videos.

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