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The city of New York is the most populous city in the United States, consolidated as a worldwide commercial and cultural center.

The city is home to numerous famous sites, like The Statue of Liberty, a monument known worldwide as a symbol of hope and freedom that is a part of American history, and the Central Park, a vast green area that covers 843 acres situated in the middle of the city, featuring a lake and even a Zoo with animals from tropical, polar and temperate regions.

Offering spectacular shows with worldwide reputation, Broadway and The Theater District deserves to be called one of New York’s biggest attractions, its theatrical and musical quality catching the eyes of art enthusiasts from everywhere.

The city is also known for its many museums, such as the Met Museum, located within Central Park, which covers five thousand years of art history dated from pre-history to present days, displaying more than two million art pieces.

Another fascinating museum is The Morgan Library and Museum, a place that offers you the unique experience of finding rare books, along with concerts and events open to the public.

The Times Square is a good place to get a feel of the entire city, the energy and movement of people walking around heading to shops, restaurants, museums and even TV sets keeping the place always crowded.

The city is one of the most iconic cities in the world. We at Caldera films are honored to offer the families of New York our best video production services.

New York, New York Video Production Services

Video production is necessary for any business to succeed in today’s media market but can be time consuming if you try to do it on your own. Doing it right involves utilizing the right equipment and operating skills, which is why it is often best to seek help from the professionals. After a quick Google search for “video production services near me” or “professional studio near me,” you should find a company like ours that has state-of-the-art equipment, creative talent, and experience to make high quality videos.

If you have your own business, you will likely already have tried to create your own videos. Basically, videos can be used at any part of video production. You can make videos for your home page, a video to get people to your landing page, a thank you video, an explainer video. Below we have included a list of some of the most common types of videos and uses.

Types of Video Production

  1. Product Videos: These are videos that highlight details of your product. It is the equivalent of being at a store, picking up a product and studying it first-hand. Product videos are great for Amazon, shopify, ebay, Adobe Commerce, elementor, etsy, bigcommerce, woocomerce, squarespace and volusion. Product videos increase sales and engagement. When used correctly it enhances the experience before purchase which in turn increases purchase. 
  2. Landing page video: No matter what service or product you have, your company can greatly benefit from having a video on your landing page. This is your opportunity to connect with your costumers in a deep level and really explain what it is you do, what your company is about and what makes you different. 
  3. Email Marketing video: If you already use emails as part of your sales process then video emails are for you. This is an opportunity to really take video to a personal level where you can reach them directly and even say “hey I made this video just for you” and explain even further what your company can do, what your products are about. We live in a fast-moving social media environment where and to be able to reach customers directly is a massive opportunity.    
  4. Social Media video: Before you can gather emails or get costumers to your website you have to get them excited about your brand. Here you are going all-out in creating highly creative, off the wall, outlandish videos that entertain and pushes for engagement. Here you muse really think outside of the box to generate enough interest to get people to stop scrolling and visit your website. 
  5. Music Videos: Music videos is a creative medium to connect music to visuals. This is a highly artist medium and you want to have directors that like to take risks and make original content. This is expression at its finest, pure art where sound and image merge for an existential experience. People that like your music will want to see your videos and people that like the videos will want to know about the artist. 
  6. Documentary Corporate Videos: Documentary videos for your business can be used like landing page videos. The owner can take time to talk about their past and the process that makes the company stand out. Documentary in narrative form documents history to inform viewers of an event. 
  7. Brand Videos: These are videos that show off what your brand stands for, what it represents. Brand videos can be a lineup of all your products without going into much detail bout each one. These videos are great for Amazon storefront where you have an opportunity to show your collection. 
  8. Narrative videos: These are movies and short films. They are created to entertain and in turn create fans. When done correctly they generate tons of organic engagement. 
  9. Animated videos: These can be explainer, 3D videos, 2D videos, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and narrative animation. Business explainers is a great way to engage with costumers and inform them in an entertaining way about your brand. 
  10. Studio photography: We also offer studio photography which is great for white background Amazon product photography and fashion. 
  11. Green screen videos: These are videos where the character is performing in front of a green or blue screen where the background can be removed. Depending on your project this is a great way to create creative videos. 
  12. Commercials: Television commercials are similar to social media videos, you want them to be highly creative and eye catching to get people to visit your website. 

For further details about different types of video ideas as well as video production prices, a search online for “video production near me” will offer more information about the videos we have mentioned. You can even get in contact with us directly to go over your specific needs and get a quote.

Video Production Services Servicing New York, New York

Keeping up with video outreach is important. However, to try and do it yourself will take a lot of time. Production is split into three parts, pre-production. Production and Post-production. We will now explain bellow how each one works. 

Pre-production: This is the foundation for the entire production. When given the proper time to research, it is what makes the difference between good and great videos. Pre-production is where we study your brand, service or product and create a concept. This is where we develop scripts, make storyboards, and ask all the questions needed to make sure we are making videos that connect to your costumers. During pre-production is also the time where we find experienced actors, high quality locations, and organize all the logistics that will take place during production. 

Production: Once the pre-production is set then production takes over. Production is the process of bringing ideas to life. All the elements that were organized during pre-production come together and we record the story. We push for high quality, so we use the latest cameras like the Red, Arri, Blackmagic, Sony and Z-cam. We also use crew that are experts in their field. This ensures that production runs smoothly. We have experienced Directors that understand story such as Enrique Caldera who along with his crew collaborate to bring movies to life. There are many roles on a set, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Actors, Set designers, Make up artists, Production assistants, drone operators and more. Each department head than has their individual crew. Production is a highly intricate specialized field that Caldera Films excels in.

Post-production: After all the takes are shot now it is time organize and edit. The videos need to be organized into a story that is cohesive. Editors, sounds designers, musicians, voice over artists, and many more come together to bring the videos to life and get them ready for whatever medium is going to. 

In your research of “video production companies near me” or “production studios near me,” you are sure to discover that Caldera Films LLC is one of the best video production companies in your area.

About Us

Founded in 2018, Caldera Films began its journey in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. As a family-owned and operated video production company, we have since expanded our reach to the bustling hubs of New York City and Los Angeles, establishing ourselves as a nationally recognized name in the industry. Our licensed business is deeply rooted in our initial Miami base, serving areas including Wynwood, Downtown, Brickell, Doral, Coral Gables, and Miami Beach. However, our expansion to New York and Los Angeles has allowed us to embrace a diverse range of projects and clientele.

At Caldera Films, we specialize in crafting high-quality video content tailored to the needs of e-commerce sellers, as well as producing compelling commercials for television and online platforms. Our commitment to excellent workmanship and customer service remains unwavering, no matter the scale or location of the project.

Whether you’re in Miami, New York, or Los Angeles, our team is ready to bring your vision to life with expertise and creativity. For inquiries, quotes, or more information about our services, feel free to call us at 424-527-3000 or visit our website. Let Caldera Films be your partner in navigating the dynamic world of video production.

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