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Benefits of a product video

  1. People on your listing will watch your video. Customers that have taken the time to study the imagery will want as much information as possible.
  2. Videos are the virtual way of going to a store and picking up a product to study it. You get to see the details up close and real.
  3. Where photography often has a feeling of alteration, video feels real because the problems are difficult to hide.
  4. Videos will increase conversion rates and engagement because customers will be able to see themselves using the product and therefore remove doubts if there was any.
  5. Store front videos are excellent way to show off the full scope of your brand.
    If you have multiple products, a brand video will allow customers to see your inventory.
  6. Video ads in search advertising is an amazing tool to really be able to bring in new customers to your listing. This is big opportunity to engage with new customers.

Type of product videos

  • Listing video
    This is the video that will be added to your page along with the hero images.
  • Installation How-to video
    This is really a great way to show of the utility of the product and build trust with your brand. Costumers like to know that you have thought the usability of the product.
  • Listing Storefront video
    Once you have built collection of products under your registered brand you can really take advantage of having a storefront. You will be able to create videos for not just one product but your brand.
  • Listing Ad video
    When your customer scrolls through a particular keyword search they will be able to not just see the hero image of your product but also have a video playing which is a great opportunity to catch their attention and pull them into your product listing.

Professional product videos
can help make a sale

The Process

  • 1. Fill out form
  • 2. Have a conversation
  • 3. Ship the product
  • 4. We Create content
  • 5. Delivery

To get started it is very simple. Fill out this form and let us know about your product and needs. One of our producers will get in touch with you to analyze how best we can serve.

Next will be to ship us your product. You do not need to pay anything until we have received your product and have confirmed your needs. The shipping address is below.

Please send us the tracking number once you have shipped. Once we have received your product and have had a conversation about your needs then we can get started.

Packages Pricing

More than just videos. At Caldera Films we incorporate creative direction and story to all our packages. What makes
us different is that we want to engage with your customers and the best way to do that is with the creative.

Our packages can be adapted to meet your specific needs, for example if you need a yacht or to film on top of a ski mountain,
we can do that for an added fee.
All packages also come with one round of revisions. Talk to one of our producers now to get a custom quote.

Option 1

Product video

$ 2,500
  1. 1x 45-60 sec Listing product video
  2. 1 - Location
  3. 1 - Talent
  4. Voice Over script/ talent
  5. Motion Graphics text for product highlights

Option 2

Product video
Lifestyle / WB

$ 4,000
  1. 1x 45-60 sec Listing product video
  2. 1x 15 sec scroll ad video
  3. 1 Location
  4. 1-2 – Talent
  5. 15-20 edited white background photos
  6. 15-20 edited lifestyle photos
  7. Voice Over script/ talent
  8. Motion Graphics
  9. Standard Props
  10. Creative Direction

Option 3

Photo / EBC A+

$ 5,800
  • Everything on Option 1 and option 2
  • + 5 Module A+
  • + Listing Sales copy with key words
  • + 7x illustrated hero images using content


  • High end modern homes
  • Sports cars
  • Yacht / sail boats / jet skis
  • Travel (we will go anywhere
    to get the content you need)
  • Raw Footage
  • Agency fashion model
  • Agency actor
  • Airplane / Drone

Questionnaire Form

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    Select the images you need on your listing.