COR Content: Discover your business values, purpose and story

How do you sell a product someone else is already selling? How can you make your content stand out?

One of the reasons to creating content is to encourages engagement. There are many forms of content but the key to standing out from competition is to stay consistent with your brand identity. Do you know you brand identity?

COR means heart in Latin. I believe that when you speak from the heart people listen, thus why I named this program COR Content. My goal is to help you find the heart of your company and then share it, when you share your story, you build your brand.

The first part is understanding 3 pillars needed to discover the success you have been searching for. Values, Purpose, Story; define your values, understand your purpose and tell your story. Like points on a triangle, they are each of equal value.


Have you ever wondered how someone can sell a product that already exists? Aside from bidding on ads that is. Yes of course putting money into ads will give you an advantage but it is no longer the only thing. What if you don’t have the budget for ads? Google rewards original content. Understanding your value will help you stay consistent on every decision that you make so that you stay original.

I’ll give you a couple of examples. Two friends are pushing to sell a product that already exists. One is a yoga teacher and the other is a children’s art school teacher. How many art teachers are there? How many yoga teachers do you see on Instagram? How is it possible for them to stand out in such a saturated market especially when both or now 100% online.

The good thing is that if the market saturated then that means there is demand and where there is demand there is opportunity. Understanding your values will help you make clear choices. Watch the video bellow to understand how to use your values.

Define your corporate values and everything else will follow. My goals is to give you the tools you need to be self reliant on your own resources to generate…


Why are you selling your product or providing this service? How are you contributing to society? Without purpose you are loosing the strongest incentive to sell anything.

There is no vision without purpose because vision is the intent to better a product, to better a service, to elevate someone else’s circumstance. When you talk about purpose you are talking about the reason you sell your product. 

Think like a costumer for one second, there are three doors in front of you to three different gyms.

Door one guy just stands there and thinks to himself “My product will sell for it self, once they walk in they will see it’s better than the other two” and says nothing.

Door two guys says “Hey, I have the best, greatest gym equipment there is, step in and see for yourself”.

Door three guy tells you, “If you are looking for the fastest way to get fit, I believe the way to achieve that is the combination of  top of the line equipment with highly experienced coaches, come and talk to our trainers.”

Where do you walk in?

A person driven by purpose will always tell you ‘this is what I believe’.

Faith appeals to the core of human emotions, why do you think politicians use it? You have heard it a thousand times, “I believe the American worker deserves…” and so on, it is your mission statement.

Purpose is the fuel that keeps the wheels spinning. Without purpose your company will fall flat.

Why would you try and sell something without any real reason other than to make money.

No matter your financial situation, if you don’t think your product or service is better than what is already out there, why do it? You will fall short, even if you get someone excited at the beginning because it is different, it won’t take long for them to find out there is no substance.

The yoga teacher I referenced earlier sells a lifestyle that combines mental health and nutrition. She ‘ease of use’. She believes this will bring people happiness, happiness that her customers are already looking for.

Now, because she believes this and because she knows there are people out there wanting to invest in their happiness she can now have a vision to sell. In fact, because she believes this so much, it her responsibility to sell. Why? Because if she believe her product is the best there is and she does not sell to you and then you go spend your money somewhere else for what she thinks is half the product she is giving, then she is letting you waste your money knowingly.

The best gym may have been Door number one but the owner decided to say nothing out of fear,  an uncomfortable moment or out of ego. You as the costumer woke up searching for a gym to better your self esteem and went to door two or three and got half the results you would have gotten had door one guy said something and convinced you why he is the best option.


What story can I tell to create an emotional connection? Emotional connections ensure repeat business. My goal is to motivate your business mind with practical ideas. People see story telling as a dream like event where you have to use elaborate words and deep meanings. No, you really do not need to do that.

Think of story telling as simply a sequence of events propelled by action.

Story is everywhere in life, the seasons in a year tell a story, your actions every day tell a story, a conversation tells a story, everything has a beginning, middle and end, and then the cycle repeats it self.

Example 1:

You are a pastry chef and your speciality is muffins. The values of your brand are: fun, passion and accountability. Your purpose is, every one deserves a little joy in every sweat bite.

Great, now I need content.

Let’s shoot some muffins and a nice picture of me wearing a chefs hat and share it on instagram. Sure, this okay but how about this. Each muffin is fun, so they each have lots of sprinkles, chocolate chips, cream etc. Lets get a slow motion shot (made with an iphone) of me throwing all the ingredients on one muffin and then handing it to someone and watch how they smile in aww.

When I talk to a client, I study the brand. I see the story they tell, or trying to tell about their identity and how they are using stories to connect with costumers. This part is very important. This is why the previous sections are so crucial, values and purpose help you make choices to tell a better story. 

Does the chef sample not show all the companies values and purpose? fun, the passion from the chef, and delivering to the costumer a little joy?

Example 2: 

Think of a regular ink pen, lets say it is worth $2.50

The market already exists for pens so what you want to do is connect with an audience. 

Lets say your brand sells ink pens and the values of the brand are: quality, stationary history and education.

Let me tell you a little story

Catherine was a Spanish princess that was locked up in a tower in England for many years in the hope that one day the promise made to her to marry King Henry VIII will come true. She was originally married to Henry’s elder brother but he died six months into the marriage. Spain had given lots of money to England for her hand and England could not risk loosing that money by returning her. During her time locked in that chamber she wrote a letter to her family in back in Spain. Because she knew the English Monarchy would throw the letters away she decided to keep them as a diary hidden. In her 10 years she wrote over three thousand letters. After her death, her diary was found brought to her family.

Because learning is a gift, in honor of Queen Catherine we have created this pen, the Catherine Pen and it is available right now for $13.

You may not buy this pen but what about the young teenager laying inner bed writing on her gold embroiled journal reading Jane Austen? Would you buy it for her? She could certainly buy it, and then maybe her friends who share the same interest would buy it and so on.

Now you need content for the pen. What story can you tell?

Niche marketing are stories that are for a very specific audience and in my opinion every story should be in some way created for a niche market. BTW, that story of Catherine is half true, I don’t know if Catherine of Aragon wrote a diary or not, this was just to show you how to use story create value.

Just like I explained earlier that story boils down to the smallest action, you need to see your brand in this way: the brand has a story and each product has their own story and you capitalize it. Once you have become aware of this then you will see ways to connect with audiences on every decision.

Remember this: point, story, metaphor.

Final Thoughts

Like no two diamonds are alike neither should two brands. We are all different and have a unique story. To answer my first question, ‘How can you sell a product others are already selling? the short answer is by being yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I with you success on you journey to self starting your own brand. If you would like me and my company to help you with content then send me an email, I will be happy to help.

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