Why make a ‘how-it’s-made’ corporate documentary video for your brand

Having a behind-the-scenes video or a TV show is an excellent way to showcase your manufacturing process and company culture, enabling you to make a positive impact on customers. They’ll not only be interested in what you are doing, but also about the people behind the business – which can help convert more leads.

Want to know why you should make one of these videos for your own warehouse and how you can leverage the proven benefits? Read on to find out…

Differentiate yourself and acquire more customers with Corporate Videos

As a manufacturer, you likely have thousands of competitors who create or can create the same product from scratch. For potential customers, this polluted ocean of manufacturers who offer little to no differentiation can result in the ‘lottery approach’ or price war when it comes to ordering their MOQ. They will essentially group you along with your competitors on the same level, and pick a manufacturing partner at random or based on the lowest price.

You can use this melting pot of competition to your advantage by purposely choosing to stand out. Whether you’re quoting them or in the early stages of your sales funnel, showcasing how you make your products positions your warehouse as an authority and expert in your craft. The manufacturers who choose to go down this route have a significant edge over others and will often win the customer over when it’s a neck-to-neck decision.

Build trust, decrease skepticism, and increase your order volume

Have you ever had a potential customer reach out with a million questions, some seemingly unnecessary and intrusive? Or maybe you felt like you were undergoing an in-depth interview with a prospect, only to have them stop contacting you and not go through with the sample order? A major reason for this is that they don’t feel that your warehouse is trustworthy enough. They may have doubts about your credibility, quality, or even existence (if they’re particularly skeptical or have had bad experiences with other manufacturers).

It can be hard not to take these experiences personally, but the truth is you simply need to build trust and portray your warehouse as authentically as possible. Customers would rather have realistic expectations of what they’re ordering, avoid disappointment, and have confidence in the product.

To do this, you could create a high-quality how-it’s-made style video, and take the viewer through the full production process. In your video, consider not only showing the manufacturing process, but also touring the warehouse, and introducing some of your team members if possible. This creates trust and connection, and prospects will be less likely to waste excessive time asking questions that go nowhere – meaning more quotations made and larger order volume!

Leverage storytelling to persuade customers

When making a how-it’s-made style video, consider leveraging the power of storytelling to convey your message and evoke your desired impression. Want to come off as a major player, give off a welcoming familial feel, or assert yourself as a disruptor in your industry? You can do this by strategically telling your story with a purpose.

Stories are known to persuade and sell, so by telling your own story in your unique behind-the-scenes video, you can use this to your benefit.

No more price wars

Remember when we mentioned that how-it’s-made style videos set you apart from competitors and give you an edge? Well, they also result in less lowballing and no more race to the bottoms with competitors. Why? Because by taking the time and investing in a video production service, you can instill a feeling of confidence in prospects, and ‘show don’t tell’ them about your product quality. Only manufacturers that wholeheartedly stand behind their product take the time to create how-it’s-made style videos.

Instil confidence

A worry that many brands have is that their manufacturers will ‘run off’ if they have issues with their orders. This is the case for many ‘faceless’ brands or those who don’t have an online presence. By creating a video that shows your warehouse, manufacturing process, and team, you’ll subconsciously show potential customers that you’ll be there for them in case anything goes wrong. Knowing that they won’t need to worry about your ability to handle problems goes a long way – especially with high order quantities and thousands of dollars being spent with you.

Expand your reach and gain more interest

The TV series ‘how it’s made’ went viral for a reason. The video style is so engaging and enticing that viewers are naturally drawn to share it with friends and family. What does this mean for your business? If you do the job right and show your unique value proposition, your how-it’s-made video can go viral too, which means more reach, interest, and ultimately sales! The key to creating these sharable videos is to spark emotion…

Cinematic videos that engage

We all have that movie that moves us to tears, makes us feel euphoric, or doesn’t let us sleep at night. Pick an emotion you want to evoke in viewers and keep it in mind during your production process. What does this do? It engages your potential customers and pulls them to your warehouse like gravity. It also ensures that you’re only attracting customers that align with your brand values and mission, which will save you costs in the long run. Last but not least, cinematic videos naturally engage the viewers and encourage them to share them with others.

Starts the conversation

If you do sales outreach, you know how hard it can be to come up with the perfect message that’ll get you the desired response. The great thing about having a behind-the-scenes video is that it can do all the work for you. Simply send any prospects the video and start the conversation by asking them for their opinion, or better yet, a simple ‘check out how we make our products!’ message that will naturally shape the course of the discussion.

To wrap up…

Caldera Films will make your how-it’s-made’ style corporate video production to increase brand awareness and customer outreach.From standing out, and sharing your brand story, to simplifying your outreach process, it’s a worthwhile investment that pays dividends.

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