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We got a chance to sit down and interview Claudia Zaker, a real estate broker, and the San Diego REAL Team to help them make a corporate video for their new landing page. They got to share their new revenue sharing business to help real estate agents build wealth. The team also shared how they feel about the opportunity in front of them and why it’s so important for everyone to be on board with this revolutionary concept.

Caldera Films Corporate Video Production

Real Broker is a platform from which is offering stock options to all their agents. You would be part of their revenue share plan and you will be able to make 100% commission on sales. This is not like any other company out there, Real Broker gives you the tools and resources you need to develop your own business. Their mobile platforms and marketing tools will assist you in growing your business and gaining recognition.

If you are a real estate agent here in Miami or anywhere in the USA you are going to love this new program.

Check out their new website bellow.

As an industry leader, Caldera Films was able to bring a full professional team to help create world class production. At Caldera Films we help real estate agents and brokers grow with corporate interview videos.

Caldera Films is a Miami-based video production company that specializes in corporate productions and commercial advertising. Our mission is to deliver high quality content for every budget, every time.

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Caldera Films is a top choice for real estate agents and brokers to get more exposure with corporate interview videos. We interview you and your clients in a relaxing, professional studio setting and create promotional videos to help your business get noticed by companies looking for real estate professionals who provide great customer service.

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