How to use video as part of your sales process

Video’s efficiency and capabilities in selling products and services are well known. From striking an emotional chord to conveying relatability to potential buyers, there are so many ways that incorporating video in your sales process can help you solidify your value proposition and increase sales. 

Interested in learning how you can leverage the power of video in your own sales process, and ultimately spike up your revenue? Read on!

The different stages…

First off, you might be wondering, where can I use video in my sales process? Well, there are many ways, but the incredible thing about technology is that you can quite literally incorporate video in each stage of your customer journey.

Putting in the effort to create a video even in the prospecting and lead generation stage will help you stand out from others, since most competitors only provide this level of value to paying clients. Now, what can incorporating video in your sales process look like? 

For service providers

Say you’re a coach who offers specialized and custom coaching packages to clients. Like many coaches, your largest traffic sources may include Google and YouTube advertising, where you take visitors to a long-form landing page.

Now on that landing page, you probably have all the nitty-gritty details of your service with a call-to-action near the end of the page, where you encourage them to share their emails with you (lead generation) or checkout directly (acquire a sale). If we take a closer look at this stage alone, you can see that it would be effective to include a video on the landing page, explaining and strategically breaking down your services, rather than simply having huge chunks of text that won’t get fully read. This can increase your chances of collecting the email or making the sale. 

Alternatively, you can choose to leave your sales page as is, but create a personalized video that customers will see only based on the conditions you set. For example, only those who shared their email will get a ‘personalized video’ from you, which can make them more likely to share their emails. You can also add a video directly on the thank you page, for those customers who make a purchase the first time.
Now here’s the fun part…in the video, you can get as creative as you like. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your personality and brand, while also considering whether you want to encourage upsells, or ‘exclusive offers’ . The possibilities here are endless.

For Amazon sellers…

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that the bulk of your work is centered around creating effective product listings that get traffic. You’ve done the hard work to increase your chances of a sale, but why not make your dollar go even further with a high-quality video?

Here are some ideas to consider for your listing:

  • An unboxing video with your target customer in the shot
  • A review video from a happy customer
  • A tutorial video on how to use the product
  • A maintenance video on how to clean the product 
  • A repair video, in case they need to change a battery or other product part

Having a video with the above included can clear so many doubts for shoppers and increase your chances of a sale, by a ton. See the numbers bellow. 

What does using video as an Amazon seller look like?

Besides using video in your listing, you can invest in PPC (pay per click) video ads. By doing this, when a potential buyer types in the search bar, your listing will appear higher up in the search menu with a video playing. This is an opportunity to stand out from competitors and acquire the customer.

The steps…

Ok, so we’ve discussed the stages and ways you can incorporate video in your sales process as a service provider and Amazon seller, now the next step is figuring out how you should structure your video to get the most out of it.Ok, so we’ve discussed the stages and ways you can incorporate video in your sales process as a service provider and Amazon seller, now the next step is figuring out how you should structure your video to get the most out of it.

First, capture attention

The moment a viewer clicks your video, it needs to immediately capture their attention. There are many ways to do this, but most commonly, you can use a ‘hook’. A hook works by engaging a customer with your product. There are many strategies, but two effective ones include:

  • Asking them a question: for example, you could say ‘are you someone who’s tried all the acne products out on the market and spent thousands of dollars, but still can’t find a solution? You know that it shouldn’t be complicated, but you are still struggling with acne…’ 
  • ‘What if’: you can start the video by painting a scenario in their mind while explaining how your product can be the solution to their problems. For example, ‘what if you no longer needed to take 5 supplements each day just to barely see any results…’

This leads us to our next step…

Then, educate

Educate visitors on why they should choose your product. After capturing their attention, you need to strategically include your product being used, without being aggressive. This is not an easy task so take your time brainstorming different options. If you sell a health supplement, you can share what’s in your product, what results it will bring, and how it will improve their lives if they start taking it.

Finally, sell… the offer.

Now’s the time to make an offer. You can do this by telling them how to make the purchase, letting them know that you’re running a limited-time offer, or directly saying ‘purchase XXX below to start seeing XXX changes in your life’. This is the time to use your knowledge of your target customer and get into their brains. Only then can you craft the perfect call to action that resonates with them. Try to be as specific as you can towards your audience, you don’t need to appeal to everyone.

Want a leg up?

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